Monday, November 2, 2009

Another great weekend.

We had a great Halloween...

So when you ask a man to dress up for Halloween who has adamantly told you time and time again that he "doesn't do that" the normal thing to think is ..fine. Lame!!! but fine. "I am dressing up regardless..its what I do". Its the only time of year you can get away with fake eyelashes and glitter. You can have any color hair you ever wanted and you can stray as far away from any fashion guidelines as your little Halloween loving heart desires..

So Sadie and love it! I truly believe she would dress like this every day if I let her..but this is the only time she gets away with red lips..


But then said Man concedes..and decides he will after all partake in the Halloween festivities..and tackling his costume requirement much like he does everything else..completely obsessive& compulsive and iced with an over the top candy coating of perfectionism ...well this is what you get...

There are many details you must take take a moment. Yes that is a mop on his head. Unfortunately not only was he dressed this way but he was also in complete character the WHOLE night. Declaring to the fine citizens of this SMALL town that he was here to "Clean this city up"...all night.

It was the best time trick-o-treating ever. My cheeks still hurt form laughing. So to said Man..thanks for not taking your self to seriously and joining in with Bug and I. I love you.

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