Monday, November 2, 2009

Another great weekend.

We had a great Halloween...

So when you ask a man to dress up for Halloween who has adamantly told you time and time again that he "doesn't do that" the normal thing to think is ..fine. Lame!!! but fine. "I am dressing up regardless..its what I do". Its the only time of year you can get away with fake eyelashes and glitter. You can have any color hair you ever wanted and you can stray as far away from any fashion guidelines as your little Halloween loving heart desires..

So Sadie and love it! I truly believe she would dress like this every day if I let her..but this is the only time she gets away with red lips..


But then said Man concedes..and decides he will after all partake in the Halloween festivities..and tackling his costume requirement much like he does everything else..completely obsessive& compulsive and iced with an over the top candy coating of perfectionism ...well this is what you get...

There are many details you must take take a moment. Yes that is a mop on his head. Unfortunately not only was he dressed this way but he was also in complete character the WHOLE night. Declaring to the fine citizens of this SMALL town that he was here to "Clean this city up"...all night.

It was the best time trick-o-treating ever. My cheeks still hurt form laughing. So to said Man..thanks for not taking your self to seriously and joining in with Bug and I. I love you.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Spookies are everywhere!

Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween. We are just relaxing at the house today...preparing for the creepy crawlies that tonight might bring...or what was brought a bit ago.

Cute little frog huh?? I mean we are all fans of frogs in this house...

Untill you find one here..Untill you find one here ... AFTER you have already read an article in Field and Stream on one handed antler rattlers and well... My ears are still ringing from Mike's screams!!! :)

Happy Halloween.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I miss Somer..

2185 children are reported missing each day..most come home. Somer Thompson did not.

I have a million and one pictures of Sadie, of Tommy, of pets, Of mike getting in and out and back in to a tree stand, Of smiling couples and blushing brides ..of bellies full of new life and pictures of babies satisfied in the complete unknowing...but this is the picture I choose to post today.

I know everyone knows about her and has heard her story (i hope) but I want to never forget her. I never want to forget this child that I have never met ...I never knew. But my heart as a mother knows her and my broken "mother's" heart goes out to her mother.

I can honestly say that there is nothing in the world that scares me more than something happening to one of my children... how would I ever go on? Knowing a monster still lurks the streets breathing our air..Somer's air. We are becoming numb to these the atrocities that plague these babies at the hands of sick individuals. can this happen? Thrown away like garbage...

I know this is a downer to read...but I need this. I need this so that when I scroll back to see pictures and stories of my children this one little face will pop out to always remind me to be thankful that my baby girl lies safe in her bed..that I get to kiss her when she wakes up and see her smiling face today. ....And this makes me the luckiest mother in the world.

Somer has passed.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some new faces...some old ones.

We have a new addition to our family her name is Doe. We have had her about a week on a trial basis and I knew the moment she set one weary paw threw my threshold she would be here to stay..either way we still called it a "trial" I mean all an unemployed girl with two dogs two ducks & two kids and WAY too many pumpkins needs is another dog..but you say NO to this face and Id glady give you my pumpkins.

We are not sure of her age, her real name, where she came from..she was found on the va/nc border..her pads of her little feet were gone from walking so long. She was found by some hunters. Hence the name Doe. SO here is the run down for those keeping up..there is the almighty Dozier..

The beautiful Buttercup..

and now Doe. Our new rug who poops and eats.. dont mind her crusty nose...we dont.

Of course the ducks..

there was three but one met a tragic end to an asshole dog from next door.
So again life is good..with some new and old faces and bills :)

Monday, October 12, 2009


This weekend we made not one but two trips to the pumpkin patch which was AWESOME!!! I am a pumpkin addict..I admit it. It is only the 12th of Oct. and I already have about 15...yep no job but I have pumpkins. Priorities right?

This is just a little local pumpkin patch called College Run Farms. They have every kind of pumpkin you could ever want..stay tuned to next post. Loving pumpkins the way I do I am doing a complete pumpkin blog :)

This is Bug enjoying some of the most delectable ice cream in the whole world. Guess the flavor? Yep! Pumpkin SPICE!!! Yummmmy!!

Just two of my most favorite people on the planet... I Love Fall.

Monday, September 28, 2009


So after months of begging and pleading Mike figured out a way to take Bug hunting. It was Virginia's annual youth hunting day. A day when only kids can go. We have some wonderful friends who let us take her out on their farm. I have to say if you knew Sadie and knew how tender hearted she is you would be surprised to think that this child would want to go hunting. But she did..and does. It was a great day. Both her and I learned so much about the woods. I mean when you are in a tree stand 25 feet off the ground at 515 am in the morning I guess you have no choice but to figure some things out about the woods. Sadie Bug is a trooper. She dealt with constant whisper yells to "SIT STILL"!! and "PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR GUN!!" .."are you serious? you have to pee again?"
The middle of the day I figured Sadie really needed to shoot this gun so she had healthier respect for just what this weapon can do.

This was her shot from 60yards.

uummm..yea. Can you believe that?

We did a morning and evening hunt..we saw ALOT of deer. 17 in all. At days last light she had a shot on a young spike buck tramping mindlessly through the soybean field, completely oblivious to an eager 10 year old who had him in her sites.but she decided not to shoot. I was proud of her. She whispered to Mike.."I want him to get bigger".
At the end of the day she walked out of the field with only lessons learned. Which I think ,in some ways and some days, feed us more than food on the table.

And you got love a little girl that can go from blaze orange and real tree butterfly face painting and glitter. :)
Another great day.

Friday, September 25, 2009

its 3:30 am..

What have I done? Thursday evening was going like any normal thursday evening.. I took Sadie to cheer leading, watched a little bit and before I knew what I was saying I was letting the owner know I was a photographer. Some how between the beginning and ending of that single conversation I have been hired to photograph 50 sum cheerleaders in two weeks...
On another note..Ive got plenty of blogging to catch up with. I will.. :)(that is a tired stressed out smile)..i mean really all the characters I have shot in the military I can handle cheerleaders. right?..right.